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Tesla is constantly in the news, whether by design or not. The most recent news is that Tesla is planning an artificial intelligence (AI) day sometime in the near future. This news comes as Tesla has also opened the longest Supercharger route in the world, stretching across China. So when exactly – and what exactly – is Tesla AI Day?

Tesla Autopilot | Tesla

What is Tesla AI Day?

A red Tesla Model 3 drives down the highway.

Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Tesla AI Day was announced the way so much of Tesla’s news is; via Tweet. Reuters notes that Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he’s considering holding an AI Day in “about a month or so.” A Tesla AI Day would serve two purposes. It would show some of the latest things that Tesla is doing with its artificial intelligence, and it would give Tesla the opportunity to recruit new talent. 

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