Rental Ferrari F8 Tributo Totaled With Cracked Frame Its First Time Out

Nothing says night to remember quite like renting a 710-horsepower Ferrari F8 Tributo and tearing around the streets of Las Vegas. Nothing says night to forget like it ending in a collision with the curb, sidelining the supercar. Or rather, as the owners of said Ferrari discovered, completely wrecking it in a crash so severe that it cracked the car’s frame.

This incident, brought to our attention by Motor1, was the subject of a YouTube video uploaded by Las Vegas-based exotic car rental agency Royalty Exotic Cars—you may know it for selling off what was said to be the world’s highest-mileage Lamborghini Huracan. Royalty recently rented out a newly delivered, fully optioned Ferrari F8 Tributo to an unidentified client, who apparently called the agency shortly thereafter to report a crash.

The way the client tells it in Royalty’s recovery vlog, they were driving under 45 mph around 9:30 p.m. when they spotted a rock in the road. They couldn’t avoid hitting it and rode up on the median, sustaining significant damage and forcing them to park the car off a side road.

When Royalty’s crew arrived at the car, however, they began to doubt the client’s story. They immediately spotted damage to the front splitter, the driver-side door airbag was deployed, and both the wheels on the left side were broken. Investigating the area turned up long scuffs on the median of the nearby road, where the tires and wheels rubbed on the concrete hundreds of feet apart. Worryingly, there was also a large piece of fender liner at the first scruff, suggesting a serious impact.

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