Polaris and Rhino-Rack Are a Match Made in UTV Heaven | MotorBiscuit

Roof racks are cool, full stop. They are the foundation of all overlanding and serious off-roaders. They give us the ability to utilize every square inch of our rigs without sacrificing interior space, and not to mention, they look cool as hell. Well, we know Polaris clearly agrees because they have officially partnered with Rhino-Rack to provide factory accessories for a wide range of Polaris vehicles. 

Rhino-Rack mount | Polaris

Can you get a roof rack for a UTV? 

Rhino-Rack shelf on the back of a Polaris General

Rhino-Rack mount | Polaris

Founded in 1992, Rhino-Rack is solely focused on making adventure and your gear a bit easier to handle. It doesn’t take much research to find Rhino-Racks wears if you are looking for racks. So, Polaris decided that while there is nothing stopping people from buying Rhino-Racks on their own and mounting them to a UTV, now they are purpose-built and designed for these machines.

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