Is It Safe to Sleep in Your Car at a Rest Stop Overnight? – MotorBiscuit

Van life is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in America right now, but like any hobby, it has its ups and downs. After all, whether it’s a regular road trip or the full van life experience, it’s important to remember basic car safety tips. Here’s a look at why it’s absolutely a bad idea to sleep in your car at a rest stop and what you should do instead.

It’s dangerous and it’s probably illegal

A man sleeping in a car | Francisco Vega/Getty Images

As State Farm says, it’s simply a terrible idea to sleep in your car at a rest stop. This has to do with a lot of factors. The most obvious of which has to do with where rest stops are usually located. Most rest stops are probably going to be in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, most travelers are almost guaranteed to be unfamiliar with the area. 

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