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For all their strengths and popularity, many dirt bikes have the same problem: they’re not street-legal. Note, though, that I said ‘many,’ not ‘all.’ That’s because some of these off-road motorcycles can be legally registered for road use. However, if you search through many manufacturers’ catalogs, you likely won’t find the phrase ‘street-legal dirt bike.’ Instead, you’ll likely see references to dual-sport motorcycles. But are they in fact the same thing?

Dual-sport motorcycles might be street-legal, but are they dirt bikes?

Trail dirt bike riders at the Boone Road/Johnson Valley OHV area in California | Getty Images/Bob Riha, Jr.

Tackling this dual-sport motorcycle question first requires understanding what a dirt bike is. Or rather, what separates a dirt bike from other kinds of motorcycles. And this gets complicated because, as it happens, the term ‘dirt bike’ doesn’t just apply to one kind of bike.

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