If You Own 1 of These 5 New Cars With the Worst Gas Mileage, You Should Slow Down | MotorBiscuit

Having a car with good gas mileage used to not really matter (at least as far as cost is concerned.) These days the cost of gas has gotten to a point where how much of the stuff you have to buy every week can really affect your budget. That’s why if you own one of these five new cars with the worst gas mileage, you might want to keep your foot off the right pedal.

Bentley luxury cars | Phil Inglis/Getty Images

The new cars with the worst gas mileage are already pretty absurd

This list of new cars with the worst gas mileage will likely only be owned by folks who don’t even know how much they spend on gas, much less care. Somewhat surprisingly, the car that gets the worst gas mileage aren’t big, giant trucks and SUVs (for the most part), they are almost only sedans and sports cars. 

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