Elon Musk Claims He’s Surprisingly Close to Solving ‘One of the Hardest Technical Problems That’s Ever Existed’ | MotorBiscuit

Originally from South Africa, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is known by many as a founder of SpaceX and, subsequently, a co-founder of Tesla, previously known as Tesla Motors. Nevertheless, Musk started his entrepreneurial journey back in the late 1990s, co-founding and then selling a software company called Zip2 to Compaq Computer. Zip2 created, provided, and licensed online “city guide” software to newspaper companies — a little before Google made newspaper delivery obsolete, that is. It was at this point that Musk became a multimillionaire overnight.

Today, Elon Musk is mostly known as being the leader of the battery-electric vehicle revolution. Could he be the leader of the autonomous vehicle revolution next? Considering his claims on the subject, it seems Musk wouldn’t mind adding it to his repertoire.

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