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Going to the DMV to take your driving test for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking. Even if you aren’t a brand-new driver, it always seems to provoke at least some anxiety. Additionally, if your car has a manual transmission or is an EV, like a Tesla, it adds different layers of anxiety. Some driver-assistance features, such as a rear backup camera, are usually prohibited during a driving test. Furthermore, one driver found out that the advanced driver assist systems in a Tesla can cause you to fail the DMV driving test.

What are the basics of the driving test?

A Department of Motor Vehicles | John Paraskevas/Newsday RM via Getty Images

Different states, as well as different countries, have different requirements for getting a driver’s license. Generally, the test is composed of two parts: a written exam and an actual driving test. The written portion typically asks questions about the laws of the road and what different signs mean. Typically, a person must pass the written portion before being allowed to take the actual driving test. 

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