Dealer Gives C8 Corvette Owner New Car After Mechanic’s 148-MPH Street Race

Michael had also requested an extended warranty on his current car prior to the dealership’s owner offering him an entirely new ride. Surprisingly, that went through as well.

If you’re skeptical of all of this, you’re not alone—so was Michael. At every step of the process, however, the dealer was reportedly transparent and made sure to satisfy his request to get everything in writing.

The dealer’s owner simply said it just made sense to do so. “After I saw the video, I felt this is the right thing to do,” Inder Dosanjh told The Drive. “I heard it, and then it was worse when I saw it. Until you see things, sometimes, you don’t really understand them.”

Dosanjh owns several dealerships in the Fremont area and says that when the option to give Michael a new car came up, he thought it was a good one. “After my conversation with him, at some point, we said OK, why don’t we just trade your car in, [we’ll] take it back, give you one, and we’ll pay the sales tax,” he said.

There are still a few loose ends, however. What’s going to happen to his current car, and what about the Dodge driver in the video? Well, as far as Michael’s old 2021 Corvette goes, it’s still open-ended, but Dosanjh has a few ideas. He claims he might wholesale it or maybe even keep it since he collects Corvettes.

As far as the Dodge driver is concerned, Michael told us the California Highway Patrol is investigating the illegal race. We contacted the CHP and an officer confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation, but couldn’t share any additional details.

We don’t often hear this, but a dealership did the right thing. Michael has a new car, the police are investigating the race, and Fremont Chevrolet has salvaged its reputation, at least with Michael. Dosanjh says that in the future, only Corvette specialists and shop foremen will be taking performance cars out on test drives. That will hopefully prevent future incidents like this from happening, and maintain his dealership’s good standing. 

“It’s not about the money, it’s not about anything else, we do good [financially], we’ve got enough stores,” Dosanjh said at the end of our call.

“This is about fixing the problem right.”

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