Car Bibles Tested the 2021 Honda Ridgeline’s Towing Limits by Hauling a Daewoo Project Car

A recurring thesis in 2021 Honda Ridgeline reviews is that it’s “all the truck you really need.” For many people that’s true; its limits are high enough for a lot of practical tasks. But how well does it really behave near those limits? We at Car Bibles finally found out on a long-haul tow over West Virginia mountains.

In addition to the Ridgeline, we ran a story about another Japanese adventure vehicle: an imported JDM Toyota HiAce. Plus, we got to walk around one of the coolest junkyards ever and found some modding parts at another one.

There are plenty of good use-cases for the Ridgeline and the vehicle certainly has its merits, but we couldn’t help but notice that very few written reviews really take the vehicle towards the limits of its utility. I’m hoping this starts to rectify that.

The prospect of owning and operating a JDM van is enticing but daunting (especially in light of recent registration issues). But this thorough account of one person’s experience brings a lot of insight to the process. Plus, it’s just a fun read.

I’m always impressed by how resourceful the Car Bibles crew is when it comes to modding. Chris Rosales, once again, found a way to use junkyard parts to mod his GTI.

Junkyards are always fun to walk around, but the private collection of somebody who’s been gathering a group of misfit cars for decades is on another level of coolness. Take a tour of some wild treasures resting at this strange back lot outside Chicago.

If you liked any of those stories, I hope you’ll join us on the regular over at Car Bibles. Our comment section’s always open and we’ll be doing a lot of experimenting throughout the year as we look for new and fun ways to bring automotive entertainment to you.

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