Can a Passenger Smoke Marijuana in a Moving Car? – MotorBiscuit

Can you smoke marijuana in a moving car? You may assume it’s OK to smoke so long as you’re not the driver, but that’s wrong. Smoking while driving or in any moving vehicle is illegal for the driver and the passenger and dangerous in terms of car safety. 36 states in the U.S. have legalized the use of marijuana for people ages 21 years and above. However, smoking weed is restricted to private spaces only, and that doesn’t include your vehicle unless you’re living in it. 

According to News-Review, Passengers smoking weed in a moving car are not a danger to anyone on the road. However, smoking weed in a moving vehicle is considered public drug use. The penalty varies from state to state and may involve paying a fine. If you smoke weed and you’re wondering what other laws apply to smoking marijuana in a car, read on.   

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