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For some, cleaning their car is an act of love and can even be meditative. However, for some others, cleaning a car is simply a chore they want to be done as quickly and easily as possible. Apparently, many internet people are using leaf blowers to blow out the car’s interior in a flash instead of slowly vacuuming. But, is it a good idea to use a leaf blower to clean your car? As always, Consumer Reports has some thoughts about the subject of cleaning cars.

Cleaning autumn leaves with leaf blowers | Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty Images

 Consumer Reports says that maybe a leaf blower isn’t the best way to clean your car

Of course, washing your car and cleaning the interior of your car are two very different things. Washing the exterior is used to show off sexy people in movie montages. No movie has used someone vacuuming between seats to show off the love interest. Although, maybe they would if the love interest were wielding a leaf blower. 

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