Are Stick-Shifts On Their Way Out? | MotorBiscuit

You’ve almost certainly been in a vehicle with a manual transmission, even if you haven’t owned one, or driven one. For a long time, manual transmissions were what most people drove. An automatic transmission was a luxury that not everyone could afford – or wanted, really. Yet now the automatic transmission has become standard, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find cars with manual transmissions. Are stick shifts on their way out? Or are they just taking a break, and will surge again in popularity in the future?

A car with a stick shift | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

Automatic transmissions have become better

Automatic transmissions have undergone many transformations since their inception. While they used to be a way for a driver to get a sort of break from driving, they became more and more commonplace until they were the standard. 

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