5 Things You Should Say When Contesting a Speeding Ticket – MotorBiscuit

There’s almost nothing more fear-inducing than seeing the red and blue lights from a police car behind you. You’ve been caught! But don’t worry, if you end up getting a speeding ticket, you will have options. One of those options is to contest the ticket in court and if you decide to do that, here are five things you should say.

1. Be honest with the court

A lawyer speaks to a judge in court. | (Stephen B. Morton-Pool/Getty Images)

No matter what you think, chances are that you’re a bad liar and the court will easily detect that. When pleading your case, it’s important to always be honest with the judge. Lying about anything that has to do with your case can and will most likely get you into more trouble. If it’s hard for you to be honest, then hire a lawyer to plead your case for you (not that lawyers are liars).

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