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The 2021 Honda Civic was the inspiration for the 2021 insight. More than just a hybrid engine sets these two models apart. How do the two sedans differ in driver experience, interior comfort, safety, and reliability?

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Safety ratings are neck and neck

When comparing the safety ratings of both the 2021 Honda Civic and the insight, the differences between them disappear. Aside from some optional safety features available on the hybrid option, these two cars are well-matched in this category.

Which is more comfortable, the 2021 Honda Civiv or Insight?

black leather interior of the 2021 Honda Insight hybrid sedan

2021 Honda Insight interior | Honda

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Shoppers looking for an open feel can easily choose the Honda Insight. The hybrid has an impressive 6 inches of headroom. That’s a 1.5-inch jump from the Civic. If legroom is a deciding factor, go for the Civic, which has more in both the front and rear seats. The 2021 civics climate system ratings are slightly higher than its hybrid sibling.

It’s difficult to say which of these sedans is more comfortable. With such similar numbers and features, it’s really a matter of personal taste. Drivers who prefer a more open feel to the cabin will choose the taller Honda insight. Especially where the rear legroom is concerned, the civic is an obvious winner. Shoppers choosing between these two models are encouraged to take a test drive and see for themselves.

A standout in reliability

There’s a clear winner between these models regarding reliability, and it may surprise you. The Honda Civic is known for its legendary dependability. Consumer Reports ranks the 2021 year model three out of five in this category.

Its sibling, the Insight, impresses with a perfect five out of five score in reliability. This is very impressive, considering that hybrids are typically less dependable than other fuel types. This will likely change as this relatively new technology continues to improve. In short, fossil fuel engines have been at it longer.

The 2021 Insight doesn’t offer many options

2021 Honda Civic Vs. Insight | MotorBiscuit

2021 Honda Insight | Honda

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One clear discrepancy between the 2001 Honda insight and civic is the lack of options that the hybrid model offers. The Honda insight is only available in one body style, whereas the civic is available in both a sedan and a four-door hatchback. The insight features three trim packages, while the civic totals more than eight.

This explains the major hike in the price range between the more affordable inside. For drivers unconcerned with these limitations, the inside lower price tag is welcome. Manual drivers will prefer the civic as the insight is only available with an automatic CVT.

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